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SFDC provides exceptional qualifications in conducting needs assessments and the development of facility programming for a wide variety of building types. Since 1990, SFDC has completed facility programming assignments totaling over 200 million square feet, with multiple assignments for many clients. We provide services directly to the space user or as a consultant to the architectural design team.

Facility planning includes not only identification of space needs assessment, but also all of the architectural characteristics and technical performance criteria that influence the building configuration, arrangement of components, and building systems.

Our first project was the development of a facility program for the 1,600,000 square foot Fluor Corporation Headquarters in Irvine, California. Since that time SFDC has developed facility programming for over 100 facilities.

Examples of building types constructed as a result of facility programming developed by SFDC include:

Corporate offices • Multi-tenant high-rise buildings • Convention centers • Warehouse and distribution centers • Academic buildings • State Capitol/legislative buildings • Regional government centers • Civic centers • Courts • Law enforcement • Maintenance/service yards • Major league arenas and ball parks

Because our emphasis is on facility programming and planning and the relationship between an organization and the facility that supports it, we take much more into consideration than just estimating the amount of space required by the organization. Other critical factors include the organization’s growth plan; what activities will expand, how groups will relate; what building module will provide optimum space utilization; and what space configuration will be most appropriate. We analyze alternatives, conduct cost analyses and provide information to the client for decision-making.

On most projects we work closely with the architect to assist with the translation of program information into optimal floor plates, and the building configuration. The impact special areas (board rooms, training rooms, cafeterias, laboratories, and server rooms) have on the building design is identified to ensure the design will support the client’s operations within the established development budget.


Jim Steinmann, Founder and President of Steinmann Facility Development Consultants, has 39 years experience in directing large-scale facility programming, planning, and management studies, and providing Project Management and Owners’ Representative services for government and corporate clients throughout the United States.


B.S. Industrial Management, Honors
Minors, Finance, Civil Engineering
Purdue University, 1966


His technical participation on consulting assignments includes: program management, owners’ representation, strategic planning, forecasting, financial analysis, industrial engineering, design/build and design competition management, architectural programming, and space planning. He has provided these facility management consulting services for over 400 clients while in continuous consulting practice since 1973.

Jim has directed facility master planning and architectural programming studies for over 60 multi-facility complexes and special use buildings that total over 30 million square feet and campus master plans for the States of Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, Iowa, and Alaska. Eleven projects were in excess of 1,000,000 square feet each.

Jim Steinmann has directed programming and facility planning studies for 31 county administration centers, city hall/civic centers, or significant state government administrative buildings. A list of these projects is included on the following page. The vast majority of these projects were components or follow-on studies to a comprehensive study of city or county long-range facility requirements and the development of a facility master plan encompassing numerous departments and buildings. Most often, after the master plan and the feasibility study were completed, Jim Steinmann was then engaged to develop a detailed program, space standards, and facility design criteria for a new government center. Many of these projects were implemented as the result of a design/build competition or CM-at Risk competition with the city or county engaging Jim Steinmann to assist in project management.

Recent projects have included a number of quarter million square foot or larger development projects where Jim was the Owners’ Representative and performed or directed studies beginning with forecasting requirements, site selection, and the development of a facility program and performance specifications, through administering a design or design/build competition, project management, and space planning services. These projects include the State of Washington, Clark County (Las Vegas), San Joaquin County (California), State of California, City of Denver, the Colorado State Courts Center, and projects for the City of San Diego.

Recently Jim programmed and planned the 600,000 square foot Colorado State Courts Building. He completed the programming and design development for the 500,000 square foot Hawalli Courts in Kuwait along with the development of space plans for two, 700,000 square foot court projects in Kuwait.

He is currently providing project management assistance to the City of San Diego for the 498,000 square foot New Main Library, providing planning and programming services for the St. Louis County Courts – 45 courts in 500,000 square feet as well as the Maricopa County Southwest Courthouse including 18 courts in 180,000 square feet, and developing a space program and providing project management services for the 911,000 square foot expansion of the San Diego Convention Center.

Facility Programming Project List

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Number of square feet is shown.

Public Sector:

• US Embassy, Berlin, Germany - 250,000

• Federal Reserve Bank, Los Angeles, California - 360,000

• Federal Office Building, Boston, Massachusetts - 800,000

• FAA Experimental Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey - 534,000

• ERDA Idaho Operations Center, Idaho Falls, Idaho - 375,000

• Alaska New Legislative Hall, Juneau - 282,000

• Alaska Office Building, Anchorage - 350,000

• California Legislative Building, Sacramento - 960,000

• California School for the Blind, Fremont - 200,000

• Minnesota Department of Revenue, St. Paul - 360,000

• Washington Labor & Industries Building, Tumwater - 450,000

• Washington Natural Resources Building, Olympia - 350,000

• Denver Civic Center Office Building, Denver, Colorado - 704,000

• Clark County Government Center, Las Vegas, Nevada - 350,000

• Sacramento County Data Processing Center, California - 125,000

• County Human Services Agency, Stockton, California - 240,000

• Sarasota County Field Operations Center, Florida - 260,000

• Stanislaus County Social Services, Modesto, California - 280,000

• City of Culver City Hall, California - 80,000

• San Diego Convention Center Phase III Expansion – 911,000

• San Diego Qualcomm Stadium Expansion - 72,000 seats

• San Diego Padres Petco Park - 43,000 seats

• San Diego Animal Shelter -38,000

• San Diego New Main Library - 498,000

• Los Angeles Police Training Academy - 260,000

• Los Angeles Police Department Area Station - 59,000

• Santa Monica Police Department - 110,000

• UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management - 207,000

• UC Davis Graduate School of Management & Conference Center – 230,000

Private Sector:

• CCH Computax, Torrance, California - 300,000

• Exxon Research & Engineering Corp, Linden, New Jersey - 1,400,000

• Fluor Corporation, Irvine, California - 1,600,000

• Home Savings of America, Charlotte, North Carolina - 250,000

• Home Savings Data Center, Irwindale, California - 200,000

• Hughes Helicopter, Inc. Los Angeles, CA & Tempe, AZ - 1,400,000

• ICG Group, Denver, Colorado and Regional - 380,000

• Garrett Air Research, Torrance, California - 300,000

• Lloyds Bank California Headquarters, Los Angeles - 200,000

• Montgomery Engineering Headquarters, Pasadena, California - 150,000

• Rocky Mountain Energy Company, Denver, Colorado - 250,000

• Security Pacific National Bank Headquarters, Los Angeles, CA - 1,000,000

• Union Bank Data Center, Los Angeles, California - 400,000

• Home Savings of America Nationwide Master Plan - 2,000,000

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