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SFDC is uniquely qualified to provide public and government facility master planning and space programming services as a result of our extensive experience in completing over 150 facility-master-planning studies throughout the United States. That experience encompasses federal, state, county and municipal government facility planning and campus complexes housing administrative, public works, vehicle maintenance, court, and law enforcement components.

Public-Government Facility Master Planning Services provided long-range master planning to the development of space programs for individual facilities. In each case, SFDC’s scope of work is tailored to the client’s specific needs. Planning for government space users requires a consultant with extensive related experience and an understanding of the unique functional requirements that will impact the results of the facility master planning process.

A few of the factors unique to public-government facility master planning projects include:

Numerous agencies with diverse functions • Extensive public contact • High level of agency autonomy • Limited control over workload volumes • Prolonged capital budgeting process • Great sensitivity to historical preservation • Frequent shifts in requirements to respond to legislation • Desire for long life buildings that minimize life-cycle costs.

Techniques that can assist in completing the facility planning study include the use of workshops, advisory committees, public hearings, and development of numerous alternatives for consideration. SFDC has utilized these methods for government center facility planning assignments including city, county and state capitol complexes. The state capitol complexes encompass all facilities (ranging in the millions of square feet) for the States of Washington, Wyoming, Utah, Minnesota, Iowa, Alaska and Arizona.

Entire county government centers, including administrative functions and justice system facilities, have been completed for counties including Sarasota (Florida), Maricopa (Phoenix) and Pima (Tucson) in Arizona, King (Seattle) in Washington, and Clark (Las Vegas) and Washoe (Reno) in Nevada, as well as San Diego, San Bernardino, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Sacramento, Contra Costa, Marin, and Los Angeles in California.

Municipal facility plans include major projects for the cities of Long Beach, Glendale, Beverly Hills, Sacramento, Oakland, San Bernardino, City of Industry, Pico Rivera, Monterey Park, City of Commerce, Culver City, Chino, Ventura, San Jose, and Santa Monica in California; Milwaukee and West Allis, Wisconsin; Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and Chandler, Arizona; and thirteen communities in the State of Alaska, including the government centers in Anchorage and Juneau.


Jim Steinmann, Founder and President of Steinmann Facility Development Consultants, has 39 years experience in directing large-scale facility programming, planning, and management studies, and providing Project Management and Owners’ Representative services for government and corporate clients throughout the United States.


B.S. Industrial Management, Honors
Minors, Finance, Civil Engineering
Purdue University, 1966

Jim Steinmann’s technical participation on consulting assignments includes: program management, owners’ representation, strategic planning, forecasting, financial analysis, industrial engineering, design/build, design competition management, architectural programming, and space planning. He has provided these facility management consulting services for over 400 clients while in continuous consulting practice since 1973.

Jim has directed facility master planning and architectural programming studies for over 60 multi-facility complexes and special use buildings that total over 300 million square feet and campus master plans for the States of Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, Iowa, and Alaska. Eleven projects were in excess of 1,000,000 square feet each. Of those projects, 40 of the buildings were offices and justice system buildings for state and county uses. He has significant expertise in corporate offices, courts, detention, law enforcement, government campuses, civic centers, design/build development, and has managed 17 design competitions.

Jim has assisted 30 corporations develop facilities between 150,000 and 1,600,000 square feet, providing services ranging from strategic planning to project management, and site selection. Mr. Steinmann has participated in over 70 court system planning studies including more than 2,200 judicial positions. He has developed master plans and conducted operational analyses of court systems ranging in scale from one courtroom to 700 courtrooms for the City of New York. He has consulted on court projects in the United States, Canada, Kuwait, and the Caribbean. He has also directed space programming and planning studies for 17 detention and 10 law enforcement facilities in addition to over 30 state, county, and municipal office complexes and civic centers.

Recently Jim programmed and planned the 600,000 square foot Colorado State Courts Building. He completed the programming and design development for the 500,000 square foot Hawalli Courts in Kuwait along with the development of space plans for two, 700,000 square foot court projects in Kuwait.

He is currently providing project management assistance to the City of San Diego for the 498,000 square foot New Main Library, providing planning and programming services for the St. Louis County Courts - 45 courts in 500,000 square feet as well as the Maricopa County Southwest Courthouse including 18 courts in 180,000 square feet, and developing a space program and providing project management services for the 911,000 square foot expansion of the San Diego Convention Center.

Pub/Gov Facility Master Planning Project List

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Number of square feet is shown.

• Denver Federal Center, Colorado - 5,000,000

• GSA Space Management Standards Study - Nationwide

• Albuquerque Federal Building and Courthouse, New Mexico - 171,282

• Alaska New Capitol Site Planning Commission Master Plan - 1,700,000

• Alaska Statewide Facilities Master Plan - 2,000,000

• Alaska Space Standards Manual - Statewide

• Arizona Capitol Campus Master Plan - 3,000,000

• California Department of Transportation Sacramento - 1,300,000

• Iowa Capitol Campus Master Plan - 3,500,000

• Minnesota Capitol Complex Master Plan - 6,900,000

• Utah Capitol Area Master Plan - 1,200,000

• Washington Capitol Complex Master Plan - 3,500,000

• Wyoming Capitol Campus Facility Master Plan - 650,000

• Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky Public Works Master Plan - 300,000

• Clackamas County, Oregon Facility Master Plan - 536,000

• Clark County, Nevada Civic Center Master Plan - 950,000

• Contra Costa County, California Facility Master Plan - 500,000

• King County, Washington Government Center - 700,000

• Maricopa County, Arizona Administration Complex - 340,000

• Maricopa County, Arizona Facilities Master Plan - 1,600,000

• Marin County, California Civic Center Master Plan - 616,000

• Pima County, Arizona Facility Master Plan - 525,000

• Sacramento County Facility Master Plan - 1,300,000

• San Diego County Administrative Complex - 400,000

• San Diego County Government Regional Centers - 850,000

• San Joaquin County, California Facility Master Plan - 300,000

• Sarasota County, Florida Master Plan - 1,200,000

• Beverly Hills, California Civic Center - 300,000

• City and County of Denver, Colorado Master Plan - 800,000

• Chandler, Arizona Facilities Master Plan - 200,000

• Chino, California Civic Center Master Plan - 80,000

• City of Commerce, California Civic Center Master Plan - 160,000

• Oakland, California Civic Center - 475,000

• San Diego, California Civic Center Master Plan - 1,100,000

• Scottsdale, Arizona Facility Master Plan - 525,000

• Seattle, Washington Strategic Master Plan - 1,000,000

• Long Beach, California Operations Center – 30 acres

• Salt River Project, Phoenix, Arizona - 600,000

• San Onofre Nuclear Power Station, Orange County, California - 120 acres

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