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The number of facilities developed utilizing design-build and design competition procurement methodologies has dramatically increased.

SFDC has completed the facility program, performance specification and competitive bidding system resulting in the development of 21 design-build projects. Each project requires a Building Performance Specification — a statement of required results with criteria for verifying compliance — but without significant limitations on the methods for achieving those results, a facility program, design criteria, possibly an appropriate level of bridging documents, and RFQ and RFP procurement documents for these significant projects.

More and more public agencies are sponsoring competitions to select a team of professionals to develop a new facility. The team usually includes a developer, an architect, a contractor and sometimes a funding source to provide tax exempt financing. Competitions are also often conducted for private organizations seeking expedited development and which demand guaranteed cost control without compromising program requirements, functional performance or lasting quality. A similar process can be used to develop and administer a design competition without developer or contractor involvement.

These competitions require that the competitors be provided extensive program and design criteria information so all submission requirements can be met. A feasibility study for the project is often undertaken before the start of the competition to evaluate the various processes for financing, design, construction and management of the project.

The success of a design or design-build competition depends primarily on the thoroughness of the Request for Qualifications, followed by a Request for Proposal. Complete documentation eliminates confusion and incomplete submissions, and establishes design criteria as a top priority in selecting a submission that is both well designed and economically feasible.

As part of our services in the implementation of a design-build or design competition project SFDC offers the following:

Space and Architectural Program • Design Criteria • Performance Specification • Site Master Plan • Total Project Budget • Competition Administration • RFQ & RFP Preparation for Implementation Team • Professional Adviser • Contract Development & Negotiation • Project Management • Design Compliance Review

Our Design-Build and Design Competition Management services are usually provided in conjunction with a local team of architects, engineers, and often real estate consultants. We accept engagements where SFDC is either the prime consultant or an integral member of a local team.


Jim Steinmann, Founder and President of Steinmann Facility Development Consultants, has 39 years experience in directing large-scale facility programming, planning and management studies, and providing project management services for public sector and corporate clients throughout the United States.


B.S. Industrial Management, Honors
Minors, Finance, Civil Engineering
Purdue University, 1966


Jim Steinmann's technical participation on consulting assignments includes: program management, strategic planning, forecasting, financial and life-cycle cost analysis, operations research, design/build and design competition management, performance specifications, architectural programming and space planning. He has provided facility design and management consulting services, which are central to his continuous consulting practice, for over 400 clients.

His professional experience includes facility programming and planning, real estate, and facilities management, development consulting, space planning, operations research, and industrial engineering. Jim has assisted 35 corporations develop major corporation facilities of between 150,000 and 1,600,000 square feet, providing services ranging from strategic planning to relocation coordination, project management, and site selection.

Jim has directed facility master planning and architectural programming studies for over 60 multi-facility complexes and special use buildings that total over 30 million square feet. Eleven (11) projects were in excess of 1,000,000 square feet each. He has significant expertise in design/build development, design competition management, and space planning for civic centers, corporate offices, data centers, laboratories, government campuses, courts, detention, and law enforcement facilities.

Since 1994, Jim has directed design or design/build competition for stadiums, arenas, convention centers, 15 state, county, and city government buildings and five public schools. He is a leading authority in design/build applications.

Recent projects have included a number of quarter million square foot or larger development projects where Jim directed studies beginning with forecasting requirements, site selection, and the development of a program and performance specification, through administering a design or design/build competition, project management and space planning services for Clark County (Las Vegas), San Joaquin County, California, the City and County of Denver, the State of Colorado, University of Northern Colorado, and the City of Oakland.

Mr. Steinmann developed civic center master plans for North Las Vegas, Nevada, Beverly Hills, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Maricopa City, Arizona; and provided project management services for development of a $110 million San Joaquin County Administration Center and the $50 million U.C. Davis Graduate School of Management and Conference Center.

He is currently providing project management assistance to the City of San Diego, California for the 498,000 square foot New Main Library, developing a facilities master plan for Denver Water, and developing a space program and providing project management services for the 911,000 square foot expansion of the San Diego Convention Center.

Our design/build services are usually provided in conjunction with a local team that includes architects, engineers, and often real estate and project management consultants. We seek engagements where SFDC is either the prime consultant or an integral member of a local team led by others.

Design/Build Project List

If a project below is Linked Red there are project descriptions and downloads available. Links coming soon…

Number of square feet is shown.

• United States Federal Courthouse, Cape Girardeau, Missouri - 160,000

• Ralph L. Carr Justice Center, Denver, Colorado - 800,000

• Elihu M. Harris Building, Oakland, California - 700,000

• Caltrans District 4 Headquarters, Oakland, California - 600,000

• Ronald Reagan State Office Building, Los Angeles, California - 600,000

• Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena Renovation - 1,050,000

• City of Oakland Civic Center, Oakland, California - 475,000

• City of Pasadena Corporation Yard, Pasadena, California - 150,000

• City and County of Denver Municipal Office Building - 704,000

• FBI Engineering & Technology Center, Quantico, Virginia - 180,000

• San Diego Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, California - 800,000

• Petco Ballpark for San Diego Padres, San Diego, California - 1,200,000

• City of San Diego Infrastructure Project, San Diego, California - 26 Blocks

• Sails Exhibit Hall Expansion, San Diego, California - 100,000

• Unified School District (4 projects), San Diego, California - 450,000

• Sarasota County Field Operations Center, Sarasota, Florida - 260,000

• UCLA Westwood Apartment Housing (1,100 units) - 1,600,000

• UNC Student Housing, Greeley, Colorado - 292,000

• Douglas County Community Center, Gardnerville, Nevada - 75,000

• Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences, Incline Village, Nevada - 40,000

• St Louis County Courts Renovation, St. Louis, Missouri - 42 Courts

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