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SFDC has consulted and completed over 60 court planning, facility needs assessment, programming and pre-architectural planning studies involving more than 2,200 judicial positions. Court planning experience and knowledge of judicial administration and court support operations acquired by SFDC is unparalleled in the justice system planning field. Clients range in size from the Pima County Arizona Juvenile Court with three judges to the New York City Court System with nine divisions (Supreme, Civil, Supreme Criminal, City Criminal, Civil, Small Claims and Housing, Family, Surrogate and Appellate Courts) with a projected requirement for 700 judicial positions. Court related and support functions including prosecutor, public defender, court clerk, probation, bailiff, arbitration, victim and witness services, jury and law library are important components of most projects.

In order to develop a court system master plan or court facility program we have often addressed policy and operational issues such as:

Case flow and assignment policies to increase dispositions per judicial position • Shared courtrooms and support space to maximize use • Centralization of judges’ chambers and support staff in collegial spaces • The appropriate mix of small, medium, large jury trial and non-jury courtrooms • Security and safety requirements for staff and visitors • Separation of judges, jurors, persons in-custody, and the public circulation • Policy on continuances, court calendaring methodology and trial delay reduction • Use of video to reduce reliance on transit and courtrooms •

Our methodology to project court planning requirements utilizes statistical analysis of historical workload data including all types of case filing and population data. Our court consultant analysis anticipates changes in the judicial process, new legislation and adjustments to demographic characteristics that may influence future workload and required judicial positions.

SFDC has extensive experience in projecting future requirements, translating those requirements into space needs assessments, comparing those needs to existing resources, and developing space programming and pre-architectural facility planning documents that identify appropriate renovation and/or new construction options.


Jim Steinmann, Founder and President of Steinmann Facility Development Consultants, has 39 years experience in directing large-scale court facility programming, planning, and management studies, and providing project management and owners’ representative services for government and corporate clients throughout the United States.


B.S. Industrial Management, Honors
Minors, Finance, Civil Engineering
Purdue University, 1966


His technical participation on consulting assignments includes: program management, owners’ representation, strategic planning, forecasting, financial feasibility analysis, design/build and design competition management, architectural programming, and space planning. He has provided these facility management consulting services for over 400 clients while in continuous consulting practice since 1973.

Jim has assisted 30 corporations develop facilities of between 150,000 and 1,600,000 square feet, providing services ranging from strategic planning to project management, and site selection. Mr. Steinmann has participated in over 60 court system planning studies including more than 2,200 judicial positions. He has developed master plans and conducted operational analyses of court systems ranging in scale from one courtroom to 700 courtrooms for the City of New York. He has consulted on court projects in the United States, Canada, Kuwait, and the Caribbean. He has also directed space programming and planning studies for 17 detention and 10 law enforcement facilities in addition to over 30 state, county, and municipal office complexes and civic centers.

Jim has directed facility master planning and architectural programming studies for over 60 multi-facility complexes and special use buildings that total over 30 million square feet and Capitol master plans for the States of Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, Iowa, and Alaska. Eleven (11) projects were in excess of 1,000,000 square feet each. Of those projects, 40 of the buildings were offices and justice system buildings for state and county uses. He has significant expertise in corporate offices, courts, detention, law enforcement, government campuses, civic centers, design/build development, and has managed 17 design competitions.

Recently Jim programmed and planned the 600,000 square foot Colorado State Courts Building. He completed the programming and design development for the 500,000 square foot Hawalli Courts in Kuwait along with the development of space plans for two, 700,000 square foot court projects in Kuwait.

He is currently providing project management assistance to the City of San Diego for the 498,000 square foot New Main Library to be completed in 2013, providing planning and programming services for the St. Louis County Courts – 45 courts in 500,000 square feet as well as the Maricopa County Southwest Courthouse including 18 courts in 180,000 square feet, and developing a space program and providing project management services for the 911,000 square foot expansion of the San Diego Convention Center.

Courts Project List

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Number of Judicial positions created is shown.

United States Federal Courts

• U.S. Federal Courthouse/Office, Albuquerque, New Mexico – 21

• U.S. Federal Courthouse/Office, Boston, Massachusetts ­– 12

• U.S. Federal Courthouse/Office Springfield, Massachusetts – 5

• U.S. Federal Courthouse/Office, St. Louis, Missouri – 78

• U.S. Federal Courthouse/Office, Kansas City, Missouri – 38

• U.S. Federal Courthouse/Office, Cape Girardeau, Missouri – 5

• U.S. Federal Courthouse/Office, Los Angeles, California – 28

• U.S. Federal Courthouse/Office, San Bernardino, California – 15

• U.S. Federal Courthouse/Office, San Diego, California – 17

• U.S. Federal Courthouse/Office, Seattle, Washington – 48

• U.S. Federal Courthouse Renovation, Los Angeles, California – 20

Other Countries

• Canada Federal Courts Standards, Toronto and Quebec, Canada – 60

• Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Court Complex – 8

• Al Farwaniya Courts Complex, Kuwait – 80

• Al Jahra Courts Complex, Kuwait – 80

• Hawalli Courts Complex, Kuwait – 52

State Courts

• Arizona State Courts Complex, Supreme Court and Court of Appeals – 39

• California State Supreme Court and First District Court of Appeals – 26

• Colorado Justice Center, Supreme Court of Appeals Master Plan – 43

• Michigan State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals – 17

• Minnesota State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals – 18

• Mississippi State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals ­– 15

• Oregon State Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Tax Court – 25

• Washington State Supreme Court – 9

Municipal Courts

• Las Vegas, Nevada Municipal Court – 6

• NYC, New York Comprehensive Court Facilities Master Plan ­– 700

• North Las Vegas, Nevada Municipal Court – 4

• Reno, Nevada Municipal Court Master Plan – 3

• Scottsdale, Arizona Municipal Court Renovation Plan – 6

• Seattle, Washington Municipal Court Master Plan – 16

• Surprise, Arizona, Municipal Court – 4

County Courts

• Arapahoe County, Colorado Justice Complex – 8

• Broward County, Florida Regional Court and Government Complex – 4

• Calaveras County, California Court Master Plan – 4

• Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada Family Court – 14

• Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada Regional Justice Center – 54

• Coconino County, Arizona County Courts – 4

• City and County of Denver, Colorado District and County Courts ­– 54

• El Dorado County, California County Courts ­– 8

• Fulton County, Georgia Juvenile Courts (Atlanta) – 13

• Hennepin County, Minnesota District Court Master Plan (Minneapolis) – 81

• Hillsborough County, Florida Second District Court of Appeals – 9

• Hudson County, New Jersey Government Center Master Plan ­– 60

• Jefferson County, Colorado Court Master Plan (Denver) – 40

• Kern County, California Superior Court – 26

• King County, Washington Superior Court Master Plan – 44

• Larimer County (Fort Collins), Colorado Courts – 8

• Los Angeles County, California Lynwood Regional Justice Center ­– 6

• Maricopa County Southeast Regional Justice Center (Phoenix) – 16

• Marion County, Oregon Courthouse – 19

• Merced County, California Consolidated Courts – 2

• Norfolk, Virginia Court Master Plan – 36

• Pima County, Arizona Superior Court Facility; and Juvenile Court – 46

• Routt County, Colorado Court Master Plan – 5

• Sacramento County, California Branch Court Facility – 9

• San Bernardino, California West Valley Regional Justice Center – 15

• San Bernardino County, California Juvenile Courts – 7

• San Diego County, California Court Master Plan – 60

• San Diego County, California El Cajon Regional Center – 30

• San Diego County, California Chula Vista Regional Center – 30

• San Joaquin County, California Courts Consolidation – 52

• Santa Clara County, California Branch Court – 12

• Sarasota County, Florida Court Facilities Master Plan – 24

• Sarasota County, Florida Court Expansion – 16

• Smith County, Texas Courthouse Master Plan – 24

• Stanislaus County, California Court Master Plan – 30

• Uintah County, Utah Court Master Plan – 5

• Washoe County (Reno), Nevada Court Master Plan – 48

• Lander County (Battle Mountain), Nevada Justice and District Court – 2

• Maricopa County Southwest Regional Justice and Superior Court – 18

• Maricopa County Court and General Government Master Plan – 65

• St. Louis County, Missouri District, Family and Juvenile Court – 45

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