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Steinmann Facility Development Consultants (SFDC)

SFDC provides a range of facility development consultant services in six sectors of the continuum of facility development consulting, from the most conceptual in nature — strategic facility planning and feasibility studies — through project definition and implementation, including needs assessment, court consultant, facility planning, and design build & competition management. Our full range of facility development consultant services are represented in the areas below.

SFDC provides services to public and private sector organizations, architects and developers throughout the United States who want to design, develop or occupy space in the most cost-effective, flexible and functional manner possible. More than half of our projects have been completed in association with teams led by local or regional architects. Services are regularly provided to owners to conduct long-range needs assessments and identify space user requirements. Services are provided directly to the space users, owners, or to the architects engaged to design the facility. Two-thirds of our assignments have been for government organizations and over half of the projects we have completed since 2000 are for previous clients.

Our expertise includes a wide variety of building types, including state capitol complexes, city/county civic centers, courts, municipal office buildings, research laboratories, high-security facilities, sports venues, and convention centers.

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